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DVD & CD soundtrack for $24.99 (save $15)


For a limited time, you’ll receive a FREE CD Soundtrack with the purchase of “The Emerald Diamond” Deluxe Edition DVD.

Deluxe Edition DVD ($24.99)

  • Award-winning documentary “The Emerald Diamond (running time 92 minutes)
  • 80 minutes of Bonus Material, including:
    • Outtakes and Bloopers
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Bonus Interviews
    • Music Videos from the soundtrack recording sessions

FREE CD Soundtrack
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    • 24 Songs + Movie Quotes
    • “A great mix of Celtic tunes!”  –  PaddyRock.com
    • See below for full track listing


DVD & CD – $24.99 (save $15)

CD Soundtrack Track Listing

1.) Star of the County Down – Neck
2.) Mountain Dew – Shilelagh Law
3.) Blind Mary – Cady Finlayson
4.) There’s No Rainouts in Baseball – Whiskey on a Sunday
5.) Every Day’s St. Patrick’s Day – Neck
6.) Boxy Set – Beoga
7.) Reelin’ in Croatia – Whiskey on a Sunday
8.) Lanigan’s Ball – Cady Finlayson
9.) The Banshee – Whiskey on a Sunday
10.) Silver Spear – Joseph Mulvanerty
11.) Charm City Saints – Charm City Saints
12.) Loves Not – Joseph Mulvanerty
13.) O’Dowd’s Favorite – Cady Finlayson
14.) The Solid Man – Beoga
15.) New York Girls – Icewagon Flu
16.) Soggy’s – Beoga
17.) Sally Gardens/Joe Cooly’s – Shilelagh Law
18.) An Chuillain – Joseph Mulvanerty
19.) Hold on Me – The Riots
20.) Realteanna – John Walsh
21.) Son of a Coal Minin’ Man – Tim Flannery
22.) Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore – Whiskey on a Sunday
23.) Take Me Out to the Ballgame – John Walsh
24.) Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Whiskey on a Sunday